Our Story

Dutch Courage Lingerie was born out of a huge frustration with the current market.

Whilst there is without a doubt an abundance of items to choose from, we either ended up trailing through pages and pages to find one thing that spoke to us or the price was just too high.

We also found the current market quite uninspiring. A lot of bland uninteresting products that didn't look unique or were not an exciting prospect to wear and most importantly were not that sexy! Unless you had the money for high end names then you could not obtain an imaginative item.

lingerie black white

What is so hugely important for us to keep in mind is that these items are not just for your partner, you need that desire to want to wear them. 

Dutch Courage is delivering to you hand picked products that represent our style and deliver on the romantic, sultry essence we are trying to capture. We are interested in the racy bedroom wear not so much the everyday style. We don’t want you have to scroll through endless amount of cheap products just to find the odd amazing item, we want to bring you the best of what’s out there.

Our aim, providing you guys like what we do and we are a success, is to bring to you more unique products and eventually our own designs as ultimately this is our goal because we have some amazing ideas that we would love to bring to you.

We have created this site to provide you with that Dutch Courage to embrace your racy side, so what are you still doing here? Grab a glass of your favourite tipple and go see what we’ve found for you :D

Enjoy our site! XXX