Salli Flaherty

This is the absolutely gorgeous and dazzling Salli Flaherty wearing our white corset!

We have only just passed the half way point of our first year and we had zero intention of approaching anyone until at least another year had passed, however, DC is doing so much better than we ever could have anticipated. We were so thrilled that people were getting on board with us we decided to approach Salli honestly because it seemed insane not to! She embodies everything Dutch Courage stands for, unique, outspoken and stunning!!

She was the very first person we worked with and god did we luck out.

Not only did she completely own that corset but she also took it to Paris with her and got these beautiful shots. We were beyond nervous about working with anyone, and very dubious not knowing what to expect at all but we had no need to worry, Salli immediately put us at ease she was so lovely she made the whole process so easy.

 When she posted the images we were ecstatic, our little baby company that we had been slaving away on for endless months was finally real, it was out there being shared and liked and despite all of the inevitable set backs and hurdles it was all worth it to see this.

Go check Salli out on insta @sallilsx not only is she beautiful but her voice is 🔥