Miss Pearl Curl

Miss Pearl Curl was one of the first people we started following on Instagram. We were looking for people who caught our eye, not to ask to collab at first but for people we felt would understand what we were doing and trying to achieve. and who would also inspire us.

She stood out from the crowd immediately, despite there being a seemingly endless amount of lingerie images on IG Miss Pearl Curl has that something else special that makes you pay attention (we have since discovered it's all in her smize).

Her blend of gorgeous vintage imagery mixed with sultry romantic vibes instantly reached out to us, that and the fact she is absolutely stunning!

When she agreed to collab with us excited doesn't really cover how we felt and we really could not have anticipated the gorgeous shots she would get for us. 

We are sure you will agree they are simply beautiful, Miss Pearl is wearing our Ravenna Set and our best selling Philippa Set. She is also officially too attractive for Insta who cant handle her 😂

Make sure you check her out at @misspearlcurl 😘 your missing out if you don't!!

Photos taken by @inhatcher