Kelly Klein

Everyone, meet the completely and utterly beautiful Kelly Klein! ❤️

We approached Kelly because she positively radiates Dutch Courage,we would go so far as to say she embodies every aspect!

She is completely daring, sultry, off the scale sexy and also we think some sort of dark romantic vintage poet.

Working with Kelly was an absolute dream, super professional and also genuinely loved our lingerie which is what means more to us than anything! There are many people who contact us asking if we want them to model for us and vice versa we have contacted others that we feel may get what we are about but ultimately we struggle to find authentic people with a unique vibe. Kelly is not one of these people she has been amazing and her pics speak for themselves!!

Kelly is modelling our Rokoko II Set here, if you would like to check her out and we advise you strongly to do so, head to insta and use @kellyklein_ 

Also, insane hair goals!!! 💁🏼‍♀️